MARA1ONE - Trainings

No one is so good that they cannot become better, so join the MARA1ONE crew and be the best sailor you can be.

We look forward to giving you the know-how and confidence you need to do this through our MARA1ONE training courses. 

Mastering the Trainee-levels is also the requirement we place on skippers who sail on our behalf. You are going to be trained like a pro.

These trainings can be held seperately or by joining the crew as a short- or longterm trainee. Get in touch to learn more.

MARA1ONE Tender-Operator

The tender of a yacht is much more than only a nice-to-have gimmick to go ashore while at anchor or tow a toy behind. It can also be a useful tool during manoeuvres and in an emergency. 

This training is also a great opportunity to refresh and enhance knowledge for small craft operators or in preparation for your first boating license - by far exceeding the  requirements just to pass but to give you safety and confidence.

MARA1ONE Competent-Crew

To run a yacht safely and smoothly it is essential to  function as a team.

It doesn't matter if you are a couple, seasoned charter group or first time sailor who doesn't want to be just sitting around clueless. But you don't want to do any elaborate certificates. 

Then this is the right thing for you.

Our Competent Crew courses give you a practical training in communication aboard, nautical terms, knots and manoeuvres.

MARA1ONE      Co-Skipper

You already have one or more boating licenses and want to go sailing, but don't feel ready to take command and responsibility over ship and crew all alone. 

Sailing as a Co-Skipper is an important step to become a responsible skipper or even on your way into a professional maritime career.

With an experienced skipper by your side, you  are introduced  into all aspects of commanding a yacht, and step by step take more responsibility.


MARA1ONE Bareboat-Skipper

Being the skipper on a bareboat-charter starts long before your vacation with decisions and preparations. During your holidays you will be responsible for the safety and well-being of your crew, mostly friends  or family.

Not to forget that you will be the one to sign  the contract and be held responsible as master of the boat. After this training you will be prepared to board your charter-yacht and fully enjoy relaxed holidays.

MARA1ONE Cruise-Skipper

This training represents the level of competence we demand from a skipper on cabin cruises and private charters.

Technical knowledge, or- ganisation and management of yacht and crew during and between cruises are among the skills we train.

Navigate and monoeuvre safely even shorthanded in all conditions.

Be a perfect host and re- cognise the guests' wishes before they express them.

Raise your skills to a professional level.