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Have a look at our itinerary in 2024, Cabin-Cruises and Charters in Greece, Italy and France.

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Say hello to summer in Greece: discover quiet bays, quaint tavernas, explore ancient sites and lively villages. Secure your place from € 1,299.

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Be it your holiday-cruise, delivery of a yacht or just a day-trip, you deserve the best crew you can get.

We take care for a stunning vacation or a safe and punctual delivery of your yacht

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Join our MARA1ONE-Trainings and courses and become the best sailor you can be.

Skipper- and Crew Personal-Trainings, theory courses for boat and radio licenses,  Long-Distance Sailing...learn more

Benefit from more than 25 years of experience in the yachting world:

Cruise-Planning, Weather Routing, Mentorship, advice and support with purchase or sale, Project- and Yacht-Management

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