Long Distance Cruises

Greece, Italy, Corsica - in early and late season we offer our Long Distance Cruises. These are trips for the more ambitioned sailors, who rather spend more time at sea, and don't mind sailing day and night. There is a huge variety of voyages, some still with more stops on the way and others with longer sailing passages and a focus of crossing vast distances. 

Long Distance Cruises Corsica-Sardinia-Sicily-Greece        

Sailing greater distances between different countries and spending long hours, sometimes day and night at sea on your floating little secure island in the middle of an ocean, is a very special experience that not many people have the chance to make.

All the itineraries have been planned carefully with the typical weather patterns in mind and though the focus is on covering the miles to our destination, there will be some time to explore the shore and also to relax between the respective legs.

Our long distance cruises are very well suited for those who want to be offgrid for a while, to unwind from a stressful everyday life.

Many sailors also take advantage of these trips to sail offshore for the first time in preparation for their own planned big adventure, while having the safety and guidance of an experienced crew.

In our believe this is the best and safest way to get that spirit-of-the ocean-feeling, sometimes being challenged a bit to find out about your own limits, while (most of the time ;-)) still enjoying the comfort of a well equipped blue water vessel.

Cast off now and embark on your great adventure.

Route proposals are not binding nor are they part of a booking contract.  Changes to the route and / or ports are possible due to navigational necessities, for safety reasons, due to weather, or local developments. The decision lies with the operator and / or the responsible skipper. 

Cruise No.     Check In   Port Check Out  Port              Category   Single Berth*     Double Cabin
M2437-38       14.09.24 Preveza              21.09.24 Syracus Trans Med        1.799,-        3.239,-
M2438-39 21.09.24 Syracus   28.09.24 Olbia Trans Med        1.799,-        3.239,-
M2437-39 14.09.24 Preveza   28.09.24 Olbia Trans Med        3.239,-        5.830,-
M2440-41 05.10.24 Calvi (Corse)   12.10.24 Cagliari Trans Med        1.649,-        2.969,-
M2441-43 12.10.24 Cagliari   26.10.24 Preveza Trans Med        1.649,-        2.969,-

*For single berth bookings: accomodation in double cabin with one additional person   

Discounts: Repeater 5%,  Early booking (6 months in advance) 10%,  1-week extension 5%,  2-weeks extension 10%,                        all prices in EUR, plus APA (Cash-Box)  max. discount 20%